Psychotherapy in Uruguay

• psychologist graduated from the university of the republic. • specializing in stress reduction program , mindfulness . • psychological care for children, adolescents.

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Lic. Sandra Andreoletti

• Psychologist graduated from the University of the Republic.
• Specializing in Stress Reduction Program , Mindfulness .
• Psychological care for children, adolescents and adults.
• Individual approach , couple and family More...
Cordón 098 419 990 - Centro - Montevideo - Uruguay

Consultorio Psicológico

Psychological attention. Psychotherapy. Vocational orientation. organic disorders, obesity, depression, family and social difficulties.
Antonio J. Méndez casi Loreto. (próximo a la terminal de Maldonado) - Maldonado - Uruguay

Psychologists in Uruguay
Psychological care for children / girls and adolescents. Psicodiagnostico and treatment. Parental guidance. Cognitive appraisals. BPS reports. ...

Guía de trabajo y empleos en Uruguay -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en Uruguay. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Consultorio Psicológico en Paseo Colonial

psychological clinic in Paseo Colonial:

Evaluation approach and psychotherapy for victims of domestic violence, domestic, domestic, child abuse and sexual abuse.

individual psychotherapy, couple and family: approach: stress, depression, anxiety disorders, eating More...
3 de Febrero entre 18 de Julio y Dodera. Paseo Colonial. - Maldonado - Uruguay


Psychological care for children, adolescents and adults.
Pinamar - Canelones - Pinamar-Pinepark - Canelones - Uruguay


Psychoanalytic psychotherapist
Camino a la Laguna y Elbio Rivero - Maldonado - Uruguay

Psychotherapists in Uruguay
Psychoanalytic psychotherapist ...

Rehabilitation centers in Uruguay
multidisciplinary center for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of spinal pathologies. Treatment of chronic pain associated. Rehabilitation and physical medicine specific column. Physiotherapy, therapeutic exercise. ...


Psychologist specializing in adolescents and adults. neurolnguística master programming (NLP). gestalt, psychodrama. first meeting free.
- Piriápolis - Maldonado - Uruguay

Clinica Prego

Clinic founded in 1976 we have professional psychologists, psychiatrists, speech therapists, psychomotor therapists, psychologists and specialist teachers.

Our work is based on a multidisciplinary work re where they see each case More...
Estero Bellaco 2666 - La Blanqueada - Montevideo - Uruguay

Consultorio Psicologico

Psychological care for adults, adolescents and children.
Psychotherapy- Vocational guidance- Psychodiagnosis.- EMDR approach

Postgraduate training in psychoanalytic focal psychotherapy and EMDR, approach for situations of acute stress and post trauma, mourning and More...
Fray Bentos - Río Negro - Uruguay

Psychiatrists in Uruguay
Inquiries: Inglés - Nederlands - Spanish Face difficult situations happen at unexpected times. They are occasions where one can not be alone...

Psicólogo Daniel Eskibel

30 years of clinical experience with children, adolescents, adults and couples.
Hidra y Acuario, Parada 39 - Pinares - Las Delicias - Maldonado - Uruguay
Maldonado 815. San Carlos

Silvia Requa - Psicóloga

Psychologist adolescents and adults
Wilson Amaral s.n. entre Montiel Jonio y Miguel Benzo, chalet Cristal. Lausana - Pinares - Las Delicias - Maldonado - Uruguay

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